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Str. N. Titulescu - nr.3, 915200 Fundulea, jud. Calarasi, Romania

Tel: (00 40) 724 - 384.301, (00 40) 242 - 642.687


Council Board:

Dr. ing. Ion TONCEA ( )


Jurist Petrisor PETRESCU


Ing. Marius BOROI

Vice-President (Public relation)

Ing. Gheorghe GHEORGHE

Vice-President (Dobrogea Branch)

Ing. Marius CASIS

Vice-President (Moldova-Bucovina Branch)

Ing. Cornelia STRETEA

Vice-President (Transilvania Branch)


Vice-President (Banat-Crisana Branch)

Dr. ing. Enuta SIMION


Ing. Dan Marius BORDEI




Romanian Association of Sustainable Agriculture


Str. N. Titulescu nr.3, 915200 Fundulea, jud. Calarasi

Tel : (00 40) 724 38 43 01, Tel/Fax : (00 40) 242 64 26 87

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National Action Plan for Ecological Agriculture development
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Manual of Ecological Agriculture (authors: Ion Toncea, Enuta Simion, Georgeta Ionita Nitu, Daniela Alexandrescu, Vladimir Adrian Toncea).


Unexpected Water (I. Toncea)


Starting with January 1st, 2009,

the EC (European Commission) regulation no. 2092/1991 was abrogated, and organic (ecological) farming activities will conform to the EC regulation no. 834/2007 and its implementing rules established by the EC regulation no. 889/05.09.2008.

The content of these regulations could be found on the MADR website: - Informatii utile - Agricultura ecologica



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-          Acronym: A.R.A.D.;

-          Founded in: 19.10.1998 on the basis of Romanian law 21/1924;

-          Type: Nongovernmental, apolitical, non-profit and interdisciplinary organization, concerning promotion of sustainable farming systems;

-          Fiscal certification (C.I.F.) No: 15940935/27.11.2003;

-          Bank and Account No.: Banca Comerciala CARPATICA - Sucursala Plevnei, Bucuresti. IBAN: RO10CARP012100290114RO02;;

-          Address: N. Titulescu 3; 915200 Fundulea - Calarasi; ROMANIA

-          Structure (departments): Ecological Agriculture and Integrated Farming

-          Statutory activities:

.          promotion and implementation of sustainable farming standards;

.          consulting as regards design of agroecosystems;

.          theoretical and practical training of farmers and other rural entrepreneurs;

.          inspection of farms and farming companies and certification of ecological products;

.          publishing of leaflets, periodicals, books and other scientific papers in order to preserve and rehabilitate the cultural values of Romanian village.

-          Members (to the present):

.          54 individual experts and supporters: researchers, professors, agronomists, rural entrepreneurs, students etc.;

.          10 peasants family;

.          9 farming associations and companies.


          Click here for Founding members list

-          Facts:

A.R.A.D. took part, as partner, in 7 agricultural and rural development projects:


.          IAIR 2000, financed by Foundation for Open Society, with the purpose of training and technical assistance of rural entrepreneurs from 8 Romanian counties: Satu Mare, Cluj, Salaj, Maramures, Bacau, Suceava, Olt and Constanta;

.          Organic agriculture - new opportunity for co-operation in Lower Danube Euroregion, CBC project financed by EU;

.          Agronomic and environmental impacts of organic (ecological) farming systems in Romania and Greece. Development of prototype technology for improving organic (ecological) farming systems ; Bilateral project between Greece and Romania ;

.          Integrated system to support the farmers and farmer associations from Calarasi county for sustainable land use, co-financed by Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, Waters and Environment and World Bank;

.          Structural Strengthening of the Network for Sustainable Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe, financed by VROM/AVALON - The Netherland;

.          Support for implementating the recomendations and standards concerning the production of ecological products and measures for informing the consumers of Bulgaria and Romania, financed by Enlargement Direction of EC;

.          ECOLEARNING, project financed by EU (Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI)


-          Other specific facts:

.          Founder member of National Federation of Ecological Agriculture;

.          Co-organizer of the International symposium Rural Development and Ecological Farming in Cluj-Napoca, 27 - 28 July 2000;

.          Main or coorganizer of: yearly conference, seminars, flying visits and meetings, broadcasting radio and TV, publishing of books and papers, local and national exhibition.

.          Member of AVALON Network.